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With the colder weather now upon us, many families will be struggling to put food on the table due to higher power bills, fuel taxes and other costs. This affects not only those on a benefit but working families and retirees.


Sadly, many of these families will need to seek the assistance of a local foodbank. This has put a strain on the foodbank resources and they are also struggling to meet demand. This is where you can help. You can support a foodbank by donating unwanted food or by making a financial contribution.

Make a Donation

If you wish to make a financial donation to our service please click the button below to make a contribution using your credit/debit card or set up a direct debit using our bank details.

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You can also make a donation to other foodbank organisations by clicking the buttons listed below

Donate Food

If you have any unwanted food you wish to donate to your local foodbank please visit our Directory first and contact them directly. Each foodbank has different needs so it is advisable to call to ask what their requirements are. If you have commercial quantities you would like to donate please contact us for more information on the delivery process. Alternatively, you can donate through the food sharing website OLIO

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