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Running any business has its expenses. Whilst our operational expenses are not large they do present a cost that needs to be met. Our aim is to fund these running costs by the sale of advertising on our website. This way any donations that we receive can go directly to helping families in need with food parcels.

The easiest and most cost effective way to support us is by way of purchasing a Logo Weblink. This is a small advertisement or your logo that links back to your website or page of your choosing. These are placed just under the local foodbank listings in your region and are valid for 12 months with right of renewal.


The size of the weblink is 300x150px and pricing is $100+GST per advertisement. You may choose to advertise in as many regions as you wish. Contact us for multi regional discounts.

To purchase a weblink is easy. Just click the button below, fill in your business details, attach your logo or advertisement and complete payment using a debit/credit card.


Your advertisement will be live on our website for a minimum term of 12 months. All advert positions will be rotated weekly.  By submitting you agree to our Advertising Terms & Conditions


Page and Visitor Demographics

With nearly 2000 unique visitors on average per month to our website visiting 6500 pages during their visit, advertising on our site makes good sense if you are looking to attract new customers who are looking for value products and services.

Whilst 60% of our visitors receive some form of Govt assistance surprisingly the other 40% are in some form of paid employment. The majority of our visitors (73%) are female in the 25 -34 age bracket followed by the 35 - 44 age group. 90% are new visitors with 10% returning. The Auckland region delivers most of our visitors followed by Christchurch, Wellington and Hamilton.

175 x 100px Logo Weblink Examples

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