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Our website is funded by kind donations from the public, businesses and through the sale of advertising space. If you would like to support us and promote your business, products and/or services to over 75000+ visitors per year we offer a range of advertising options to suit every budget.

Our general supporter advertisements, apart from the premium Header  position are generously sized at 980 x 300px. They link directly back to your website or landing page. We understand times are tough at the moment so we offer a range of monthly packages to suit your current situation and budget. You can choose a package between 3, 6 or 12 months.

To provide our visitors with a range of products and services which they may be interested in purchasing all advertisements are presented on a unique rotational serving basis. Each advertisement rotates every 11.5 seconds 24 hours a day. Our visitors spend an average of 5-8 minutes on our site which affords our advertisers a guarantee their adverts are seen. We also change the serving positions weekly for a fair balance.


Unique Visitors: 75000+ per year

Pages Viewed: 244000+

Avg time on site: 7.24 minutes

Avg pages viewed: 4.01

Gender: 75% Female 25% Male

Ages: 25-34(24%)  65+(19%) 45-54(16%) 35-44(15%) 55-64(14%)

Top Regions: South Auckland, Canterbury, West Auckland, Bay of Plenty

Ad Placements

We offer placements in the Header, Home page, Find a Foodbank page or a Regional page of your choosing. You can view a few current examples below. 20% Discount applies for 3 or more regions.


Booking your advertisement is easy. Just click the button below, complete the booking form, attach your advertisement or logo and your advert will be online within 24 hours after receiving it or final approval.



Payment terms: 7 days from invoice. View our Terms & Conditions


These are our premium positions. Your advertisement will be visible on all pages our visitors view. We offer either a centre or left/right position. The centre position is served on both the desktop and mobile sites. It is designed for maximum exposure.

Centre Position

Size: 300 x 250px

3 Months:  $1000+GST.

6 Months:  $1995+GST.

12 Months:$3995+GST.

Left or Right Position

Size: 300 x 250px

3 Months:  $895+GST.

6 Months:  $1750+GST.

12 Months:$3495+GST.

Home Page:

Size: 980 x 300px

3 Months:  $795+GST.

6 Months:  $1500+GST.

12 Months:$2500+GST.

FInd a Foodbank:

Size: 980 x 300px

3 Months:  $395+GST.

6 Months:  $795+GST.

12 Months:$1500+GST.

Regional Pages:

Size: 980 x 300px

3 Months:  $125+GST.

6 Months:  $195+GST.

12 Months:$395+GST.

Discount: 20% when you book 3 or more regions

Advertisement Design/Changes:

If you prefer we can design your advertisement for you. Our designer will work with you to produce an effective advert for maximum exposure.

Price: $50+GST


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