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Ways to Save Money

Hi I'm Sarah - a Mum of three (3, 6 and 9 year olds) and after having my first child I decided that I wanted to be there for all the milestones in my children's lives and so going back to work full time just wasn't an option for me. 


To make this viable we had to survive on a tradesman's wage, and after us both previously working full time this now meant putting my time towards not only our kids, but into finding ways to save money and still keep our lives fuller and teaching our children good life skills along the way, whilst enjoying our family life together. 


After coming up with budgeting plans and strategies and ways to do things cheaper we realised how far we could stretch our money.  I decided to try and pass on that experience because I feel the amount of money I've been able to save through simple techniques and a bit of self-awareness through budgeting, we can help a lot of people out. 


My kids love helping with the YouTube videos, and I'd like to feel that as well as helping other people I'm also creating great memories for them to look back on!  I would love for more people to not only visit my YouTube channel but also sign up to my Cheaper Ways NZ Facebook page, to actively help each other and grow a community of people supporting each other and exchanging ideas - the more the merrier!

If you are looking at ways to save then please check out some of my videos below or visit my YouTube Channel here

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