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155 Whare Kai Supermarket

Cnr Woods Rd & Commerce St


Phone: 0800 120 926 or 09 437 0185 ext 3






Our Foodbank operates like a supermarket, where you are able to choose your own items.

We ask that you have tried to get assistance from Work and Income before accessing our service.


To book a shop please email or phone us.  You will need a booking to shop. Phone 09 437 0185 - extension 3 and leave us a voicemail with your name and phone number for kaimahi to call you back. You can also email at any time with your name and phone number. Note: Voicemails or emails left/sent in the afternoons will be responded to the following morning. Those left/sent on Thursdays or Fridays will be returned on Mondays.


Our wonderful booking assistant works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and if you send an email or leave a message, will ring you back to have a korero to book you in for a shop and see if we can support you in any other services.  We will assist in Work of Income review of decisions, immediate advocacy, and referrals to other services. Once you have had a korero with our kaimahi, they will book you into the supermarket for a shop.



Currently there is a huge demand for kai support, and there can be a wait for callbacks and appointments. Please be patient with our staff, we are doing our best to get as many people through the supermarket as we can manage. We can assist you in a shop every 8 weeks if you are needing support with kai.


Please bring:

*Photo ID (or anything with your name on it if no id)

*Work & Income letter or provider/agency support letter you may be working with.

*Shopping bags for your shopping.


One Double Five Community House is able to help people in need through the generosity of your donations. Donations can be directed to a specific project or to supporting the community hub that provides for people in need, and a space for new ideas to incubate.


One Double Five Community House is a registered charity. Donations over $5 are tax deductible. #CC50718

If you go to our website you can make an online donation and receive a donation receipt.

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