Helping Feed Families in Need 

Every year, thousands of families are struggling to make ends meet with rising costs and are forced to seek assistance for food from a local foodbank. Sadly, the demand for food parcels is expected to keep growing in the future. 

Foodbank New Zealand is an incorporated not for profit organisation that provides an online directory of local foodbanks that families in need can contact for a food parcel. We also provide assistance to foodbanks by purchasing additional food to restock their pantry.


We facilitate the collection and distribution of donated food through an association with the great organisation Love Soup and other food rescue charities. If you would like to donate unwanted food please visit our Directory page and contact your local foodbank directly. Each foodbank has different needs so it is advisable to call first. Alternatively, you can donate food through the website OLIO

Our service is funded by kind donations from the public and businesses along with the sale of advertising on our website. If you would like to support us you can make a donation of any amount using your debit / credit card or by direct deposit to our bank account. 

If you are in need of food assistance please click the button below to find a foodbank in your area to apply for a food parcel. You can also source free food through the OLIO website and/or App. We provide a directory of community services that can help with budgeting, healthcare, housing and employment.

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Applying for Food Assistance 

How to Apply

If you are in need of food assistance please visit our Directory page first to find and contact a foodbank in your area. Please call or email them to make an appointment and bring photo I.D and proof of address. After making an appointment you may need to provide additional documentation and information. It is advisable to ask what is required when calling.

Photo I.D.

Proof of Address

Community Services Card

A bank statement / balance of your accounts.

A letter of referral from a social agency

A letter from WINZ stating you have no entitlements left.

Advising them of any food allergies.

Advising them of any items urgently needed.

If your application is approved a parcel will be made available to you. Each foodbank will have different food items, that dependent on your circumstances, will last you a few days. Please remember that the foodbank relies on donations to provide this service so if you can pay it forward when you are able it would be appreciated.


If you are declined a food parcel you can source free food in your area through the website OLIO.

What to Bring

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