Apply for a Food Parcel 

If you are declined a food parcel from your local foodbank you can apply through our website for a food parcel to see you through until you are next paid or can make an appointment with either WINZ or another foodbank. There are some conditions and you must be able to collect from your local Countdown store. We do not pay for delivery.

To apply you will need to provide the following;

Photo I.D.

Proof of Address

A 3 month bank statement of all your accounts.

If on a benefit a letter from WINZ stating you have no entitlements left.

Advise us of any food allergies.

Advise us of any items urgently needed.

if your application is approved a parcel will be made available for collection from your local Countdown Supermarket. Your parcel will contain basic items such as bread, milk, meat, veges and other urgent items up to the value of $50. You can apply for food assistance on three (3) occasions in a 12 month period after which you will be required to attend a budgeting course before any more assistance can be granted.


Parcel collection times are subject to availability. Failure to collect during the advised times will result in your food parcel being forfeited. Failure to disclose any/or provide any false information requested could result in your application being declined. You grant us the right to contact your case manager, employer,  social worker and / or any other person for the express reason of consideration of your application.

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